Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

We make small, beautiful and effective mobile applications. From business to fitness we can build it for You. Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile 7.


Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Artemisoftnian delivers applications for all the app stores. We deliver native and web apps for Google Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.


Web Development

Web Development

Artemisoftnian makes custom designs for a variety of websites and software. We provide modern, innovative, affordable web 2.0 solutions both for individuals and companies.


Game Development

Game Development

Artemisoftnian has started starting on the Indie Game Business. We’re currently developing several titles for your enjoyment.


Latest News

Google Play Apps Suspended

July 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

GooglePlayLogo[1]Hi Everyone,

You may notice some of my apps are been removed from Google Play.  The Reason, they claimed copyright infringement.  The apps in question are,  Injustice Gods Among Us Moves 1.o and Street Fighter X Tekken Moves.  I Imagine Soon Mortal Kombat Moves and Soul Calibur V Moves are going to be removed too.  But before this occurs I’m updating the apps so it does not contain the characters Images as I suspect the infringement was the use of certain images on the apps.  This is pointed in the updated Google play Developer Distribution Agreement.  The already removed apps are going to be republished, so don’t worry You are going to be allowed to update.
If You have any Questions regarding these matter, please let me know by email or by the electronic form in this website.

Thanks For Your Support!

Injustice Gods Among Us Moves In the Wild!

May 5, 2013 in Mobile
Injustice Moves Icon

Injustice Moves Icon

Hi Artemisians,

With pleasure We are announcing that Injustice Gods Among Us Moves Its in the Wild for Your Android Phone!!!  Go and check out the App on Google Play Now!




After all we are still here!!!

April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi and Welcome once more to

A lot lately has been rolling under our minds, and after some time we are back into development !

What have We doing:

  • trackerPlus+:  has been upgraded (Not published in the market Yet), to used the new Weight Watchers methodology.  The App has suffer some cosmetic changes, and we add some new cool features that You guys are been asking for.  Thanks to all that kindly had been reporting problems and suggestions.
  • Triangle Wars:  Its moving in the right direction.  Probably  its going to see the light as beta very soon.  Who said Me????
  • A new Fighting Game Its coming with it a new Mobile Guide, Injustice: Gods Among Us its near to be release and as You think, We are working on another Unitorized Mobile guide for this Great Upcoming Figthing Game.
  • A participation in a Intel competition brings us a new Ultrabook Computer and a good Demo Peace of Software: Lotto-Matic Ultra . Which You can download in the future.
  • Our own OUYA console its on the Way, We are crazy about start developing for it. Hope its here soon!!!

So Yea we have been busy, A lot of Brain Storming, a lot of happy clients, a lot of HTML5, A lot of code, But most important a lot Of Good Ideas to be materialized.   See-YA Soon To all!!


Vacation Its almost over!

June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here at Artemisoftnian I’m a demi-god, that means I’m half Mortal so some times I’ll get tired too, so I take my family on Vacation to  Turkey, Greece and Italy from our Beautiful Caribbean location (12 hrs flight).   Yesterday I came back and Tomorrow I start over whit my Artemisoftnian life and Developments.   Just two more weeks off from My Full Time Job :) .  So for all of you waiting on applications updates,  I’m coming back whit my  batteries full re-charged.


trackerPlus+ update

June 5, 2012 in Mobile

Now that the Website its almost complete, i can now move to application updates.
For all of You that are waiting for trackerPlus+ update. Well the update its planned to be release between the last to weeks of July or the first two of August. Also I hope I can have the trackerPlus+ manual complete.